Lost (Beat Tape)

by Jason Aro

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Music Junkie This was a really good project. Enjoyed listening all the way through! Looking forward to the next albums you have coming up Favorite track: The Groove.
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Crystal-Ice It takes the listener on a relaxing, hip hop journey which soothes the senses. Favorite track: Fantasy.
The Media Diva
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The Media Diva LOST is an enjoyable musical journey. Something you ride and vibe to and literally get LOST in the rhythms. Awesome production by Jason Aro. Worth the buy. Favorite track: The Groove.
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Multi-genre music producer Jason Aro, of KloudNineMusic, invites you to get LOST in his latest independent release.

LOST is a small collection of signature instrumentals inspired by legendary producers like DJ Premier, J Dilla and Pete Rock, then curated by Aro for devoted fans and music lovers alike.

The listener will be fulfilled by the infectious rhythm of Fantasy, then want to take a musical joyride through the hot summer streets of New Jack City. Continue riding and vibing with You Don’t Know – a healthy dose of hip hop soul. Then get drawn into The Groove, as it calls you from the street and invites you to the dopest jam session in the universe.

Though brief, this compilation is definitely satisfying – yet it leaves you wanting more. Get your copy, turn up the volume, and get LOST in the music. - Kristi Woodard

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Write Up: Kristi Woodard of mahoganimedia.com
PR: Kristi Woodard of mahoganimedia.com
Artwork: Jason Aro
Music, Instrumentation, and Arrangement: Jason aro
For leasing information contact : AroIsMusical@gmail.com


You may use this music for non-commercial purposes. Free beats are for non profit use only, which means you can record a song and give it away for free or have people stream it on sites like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube etc. If you wish to license this music for profit email me at AroIsMusical@gmail.com.

Free beat downloads doesn't mean you can record a song and sell it online or perform with it live. You can't put it on the radio, as that usually entails some sort of royalty payment, and you can't perform with it live as venues usually pay performance fees or have cover/drinks charges at the venue, which means the producer's music is being used in a monetized fashion (other people are benefiting financially). What you also can't do is upload a video or song to YouTube and monetize it with advertisements. In order to do that you need a Synchronization license. When in doubt, always talk to the producer about your intended use of their beats and get their blessing. Always give credit to the producer, whether that's in the song/video title, description, or anywhere else you can fit it.

If you are looking for Exclusive Music production checkout my other website www.KloudNineMusic.com

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released March 5, 2017




Jason Aro Austin, Texas

Genre Bender.
Fighter for life.

For Artists who are interested in music production for a project feel free to contact me or visit KloudNineMusic.com

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