Stay The Same (Record and Instrumental)

by Jason Aro

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Rising producer Jason Aro unleashes some of his multi-genre magic with his new release -- “Stay The Same’.

Unlike its title, this track is far from monotone. It starts off resembling a retro Michael Jackson song, then transitions to a more contemporary composition.

In less than four minutes, Aro manages to merge Trap, Electro, Bounce, EDM and more for one top-notch track. And the vocals effortlessly glide through the fusion of sounds.

Whether you’re a fist-pumper in the hottest nightspot or a b-boy breaking on the block, this track will make you want to move.

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- Kristi Woodard

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Artwork: Jason Aro
Music, Instrumentation, and Arrangement: Jason aro
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released May 6, 2017




Jason Aro Austin, Texas

Genre Bender.
Fighter for life.

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